The arena of life is not a place of comfortable zone for laziness. But rather for hard working people who are willing to sacrifice, endure and accept the challenges with a good heart. Know this, accepting your fault takes nothing out of you but cause a revelation in your life. The vineyard of glory always comes out of acceptance and perseverance. The mental pictures in the air does not make you a winner unless they grow in reality. 

The establishment of reality count on persistent effort. Your ignorance is your mantle. Search for it and discover to recover your mantle. To unveil the real picture of life, it takes men with insight, a man who can see the invisible to identify the visible.

Life is not an imagination as we do conclude on our bed but entails an effort, wisdom and integrity. Know this, wishes are like imagination easily to see but to unveil it, it requires force of attraction. Living a life without understanding the environment is like knocking an elephant with your hands. Things become tough when refuse to go by the sound of the base drum at the ceremonial park. Missing an inches of your steeps, block a great revelation about you. Note, proverbs speak but speaks to wisdom. Intellectuals search for wisdom and they found it. 

By leaving my toungue with you, know this life is not competing with wind but understanding, acceptance of mistakes and appreciation. To set in the hand break, life is real so wake up from your comfortable zone and cause a change for better.

By: Silas

Man of favour 


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