I can’t breath without seeing you in the space. My eyes searches around and found you in my heart. I wonder why you reflected in my eyes as hatred. Is’t shyness? I don’t know but I still have the feelings for you. I saw you in my dream and I was full of loved. We meet together and we hide from each other. Oh! why, say it I mean say it. Say you love me. I wish to see the daylight of love. Oh! yea wish. Do you know something, I saw you passing and my heart calls for you. Hold me with your hand and let me feel your love. All these were imaginations wishing to see it in reality. Finally, a new day is born, privilege has given out, please hear me and understand my heart. This is the day I have waited for and now it has come, this is the secret in my vines… hahahaha… Oh yes, is true I love you. This was the secret in me. I can’t say I love you but I do.


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